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Staff Application (Buddhist-Riptin)

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Steam Name: Your answer here.


SteamID64: Your answer here.


Age: Your answer here.


Discord Name: Your answer here.


Country & Timezone: Your answer here.

  USA, Eastern

Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): Your answer here.

  Indeed, Scp is an escape game. Fractions are divided as follows: Prisioners(D-boys) with Chaos and possible S.C.P. support(creatures/monsters like Larry or Peanut). Another fraction/team is Scientists with Nine Tails. Last Team is SCP. One’s role is completely random. Do your best to work along with your team and eliminate the opposing fractions before they take care of you.

Do you have any previous staff experience?: Your answer here.

  Indeed, I have worked as staff on G-mod  but in relation to actual Scp I have been staff on a server called Kurva.

Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: Your answer here.

  Yes, I was a manager of a store and am quite good at making sure people abide to rules.

What makes you better than other applicants?: Your answer here.

  I know the rules, I abide to the rules, I enforce the rules and if there is any conflict my nifty recordings of the rounds come in handy.

How will you help improve our community?: Your answer here.

 I am friendly and help those that are in need of it. I also will do my part in eliminating problematic situations/players.

How did you find our community?: Your answer here.

  Random Search

Anything else?: Your answer here.


If a staff has referred you to apply, please give us their name here: Staff who referred you here.

Roy Corvette

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, WolfyLauren said:

Hey @Buddhist-Riptin if you can, please un-private your profile so we can view your hours 🙂

Should be fixed. If there is an issue let me know. Sorry about the issue.

In the event that you can't still view the hours see screen image below.


Edited by Buddhist-Riptin
Additional comment

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Hello @Buddhist-Riptin after reviewing your application I have decided to deny your application. If you would like to know why, please contact me on discord. You may reapply 10/22/19.


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