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Capslock's Junior Dev Application

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Steam Name: Capslock

Discord Tag: naps#1337

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:24436337

Age: 19

Country & Timezone: Netherlands, CEST

How many hours do you have on the server?: Dunno, probably at least 12

What coding languages do you know? Please list them in order of most confident to least confident: Lua, Python 3, and a bit of C#

Are you familiar with using a source control platform? Such as GitHub or GitLab?: I've used GitHub before for some personal projects

Are you familiar with the Lua scripting language?: If familiar means mildly decent and capable of reading and understanding most code, then yes

Are you familiar with the ULX library and how to code commands and such for ULX?: It's been a while but I've made ULX commands before

Would you be willing to learn and adapt to a custom API/Function Library that we have on the server?: Definitely

Why are you interested in becoming a developer for the community?: I like helping out and I kinda wanna boost my developing knowledge so this is a nice opportunity for that

How would you help improve the server and/or the community in general?: I'd help the DarkRP dev team out with their workload a bit, and as I'm already staffing as lead mod I'm helping on the moderating front too ;^)

Anything Else?: shoutouts to simpleflips

If a staff has referred you to apply, please put their name here:

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+1 good dev many help 🙂

Director of the Sirdog Harassment and Fat Shaming Committee (SHFSC)

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Hello my son, I would like to accept your application. Let us conduct an interview

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