SimonSimon's application

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Steam Name: SimonSimon



SteamID64: 76561198054583694



Age: 17


Discord Name & Tag: SimonSimon#0420



Country & Timezone: Netherlands, CET



What is your Mee6 level on the Discord server?: 5



Which role suits you the most: Casters, Events, or Outreach?: Events



Why would you be qualified for the role that you picked in the previous question?: I like talking and socializing with people. Organizing an event for multiple people to have a fun time would be right up my alley! Other than that, I've had to organize and set up classes for kids age 10-12.



Do you have any previous experience or do you have a link to your channel/profile on a media platform?: As mentioned above, I've had some experience teaching children (age 10-12) about a variety of subjects, for example, chess.



Would you be committed to cooperating with fellow members of the Hype Team, dedicating your time to fulfilling your role's requirements and represent Hydra in its best interests?: Of course! I'm happy to meet and cooperate with fellow members of the hype team for the representation of Hydra's interests. I will dedicate as much time as possible to fulfill my role in the community.



Do you understand that not hosting any event without telling the Team Leader or the Team Coordinator about it for more than two weeks (14 days) will get you instantly demoted?: I understand that, it is therefore my responsibility to notify the Team Leader or Coordinator when I'm not available to host an event because of school or other business.



Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?: Other than socializing and playing games. I've been playing chess for over 10 years on a semi-professional level. After not making the national championships this year I decided to put it on hold for one year.

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Hi SimonSimon,

I have decided to move forward with your application, and will be DMing you shortly.

me_irl just in general whenever anything happens on the community

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