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Hydra Hype Team

Think you're hype enough? Want to represent the Hydra Gaming in the ultimate way by being part of an awesome team dedicated to hosting events and creating content in Hydra's name? Then apply to the Hydra Hype team now! We are looking for casters (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube), event hosts, and public outreachers (Reddit, Twitter, Discord)! If any of these sound like your kind of schtick, then continue reading below!

Application Requirements:

  • We have an age requirement of 17. Exceptions may be made, however, at the discretion of the Team Leader.
  • You must have not been banned from any Hydra Gaming servers.
  • You must not have any more than three warnings on Discord in the last three months.
  • You must be able to read, write, and speak proficient English at a professional level.
  • Before you're accepted, you will be asked to attend an interview. This is required if you wish to gain entry into the staff team.
  • Effort is required! Any applications with one sentence on every answer will probably be denied.
  • Mee6 level needed on our Discord server: 5+


(SteamID64s may be found at


Hype Team Roles


  • Must have an active content channel on a streaming or video platform, such as: Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc.
  • Must stream at least 8 hours weekly
  • Channel has to fully abide by its TOS/TOC and guidelines, and must represent Hydra in a positive manner.


  • Must be able to host at least one event weekly
  • Must be professional and hold yourself at a high standard
  • Be comfortable with managing and interacting with anywhere between 3-30 people per event.


  • Must demonstrate a high level of English fluency in a professional manner.
  • Be very socially adept and able to make announcements and posts to thousands or more people.
  • Be a very well known person among the community, and able to represent Hydra in a positive manner.


Hype Team Application Format (FILL OUT EVERYTHING)

Steam Name: [Your answer here.]



SteamID64: [Your answer here.]



Age: [Your answer here.]



Discord Name & Tag: [Your answer here.]



Country & Timezone: [Your answer here.]



What is your Mee6 level on the Discord server?: [Your answer here.]



Which role suits you the most: Casters, Events, or Outreach?: [Your answer here.]



Why would you be qualified for the role that you picked in the previous question?: [Your answer here.]



Do you have any previous experience or do you have a link to your channel/profile on a media platform?: [Your answer here.]



Would you be committed to cooperating with fellow members of the Hype Team, dedicating your time to fulfilling your role's requirements and represent Hydra in its best interests?: [Your answer here.]



Do you understand that not hosting any event without telling the Team Leader or the Team Coordinator about it for more than two weeks (14 days) will get you instantly demoted?: [Your answer here.]



Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?: [Your answer here.]


If a staff has referred you to apply, please put their name here:

me_irl just in general whenever anything happens on the community

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