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Community Bans Policy

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Community Bans Policy

Community Bans are network bans given by Community Directors to users who are generally malicious in nature and need to be removed from the community entirely.


1) Any forms or threats of malicious activity is forbidden and will result in a community ban. Malicious activity includes but is not limited to:

  • DDoS attacks or threats.
  • Doxxing or doxxing threats.
  • Malicious threats in general
  • Hacking attempts (i.e. brute-forcing or etc.)
  • Intentionally disrupting operations by breaking or causing critical errors with a server or piece of infrastructure.
  • Any other illegal or blatantly malicious actions.

2) Report all malicious activity to a staff member immediately.

3) Any user or staff caught participating in or promoting malicious acts (defined in point 1) will be community banned.

4) All community bans are permanent, however, select bans may be deemed appealable based on the nature of the offense. If your ban is appealable, you may only appeal it once and the outcome is determined by a majority vote by the Directors.

  • Any appeals should be sent through email to appeals@hydragaming.co. Please include:
    • Steam profile link
    • Discord Tag
    • Forum profile link (if applicable)
    • Who banned you
    • When you were banned
    • Why you were banned
  • Please keep in mind that you need to put effort into your appeal if one is granted to you. We shouldn't have to say this twice. Five minute responses will be immediately declined, and keep in mind you cannot appeal again once this happens.
  • If your appeal is accepted, you will be barred from all staff positions in Hydra Gaming for a minimum of 6 months and barred from the rank of Lead Moderator+, or any Developer position permanently unless overridden by a Director.

5) A Director may community ban someone at their discretion, even for things that may not be listed in this policy (such as toxicity).

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Updated as of 9/10/19. This policy is now in effect for all members.

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