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  1. +rep I agree with everything that has been said. In my opinion, Fluffy would make a great addition to the moderation team.
  2. Granted. You are hired by an indie game developer to design and implement exactly one creature in an upcoming game. I wish to have concious control over how fast (or slow) I perceive time.
  3. Granted, but every time you learn a new skill another is sacrificed at random. I wish that all countries were dissolved and replaced with a single global entity.
  4. +Rep As others have said, fun to play with and understands the server rules. In my opinion would make a fantastic addition to the SCPSL moderation team.
  5. +Rep Fun player, was a good moderator previously. I would love to see him return to staff.
  6. +Rep Previously a staff member, and was a great person to work with when she was here previously.
  7. I think this should be considered a banned spot. It looks incredibly easy to abuse.
  8. Granted, but to buy it you had to sell your Switch. I wish I had a Gigabit internet connection.
  9. Granted, you have been transformed into a mutant lighter-than-air creature which somewhat resembles a fish. You no longer have arms, legs, the or ability to form human speech. I wish that I was telekinetic.
  10. Granted, the acceleration rips the planet apart before the spin can even be reversed once. I wish there was a magnetic pole inversion within my lifetime (We're due for one soonish).
  11. I've actually had this happen to me, it's definitely a bug. Sometimes when it happens you get a quick look at a bunch of players standing in the void before they spawn.
  12. The highest I've ever been would be however high commercial planes fly. I would jump at the chance to get into orbit, but unless space tourism becomes a thing it probably won't happen.
  13. Granted. Google finds that YouTube is no longer profitable and shuts it down. I wish that I could freeze and unfreeze time, leaving myself still capable of moving around while time is frozen.
  14. Granted. Days are now 34 hours long, you have plenty of time to learn whatever you want. Unfortunately, slower planetary rotation causes wild temperature differences. During the day, temperatures can rise 15 degrees above normal. During the night, the temperature almost always drops below zero. This has consequences such as increasingly hostile weather, and earthquakes where they were previously almost unheard of. I wish that I could, at will, summon any object I knew the location of.
  15. Granted. You CAN use magic, but you never find out about it. I wish I had a photographic memory.
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