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  1. Hello @Buddhist-Riptin after reviewing your application I have decided to deny your application. If you would like to know why, please contact me on discord. You may reapply 10/22/19.
  2. Hey @Buddhist-Riptin if you can, please un-private your profile so we can view your hours 🙂
  3. Hello @Fordrinn thank you for posting this application, however, at this time I’m going to deny this application. If you would like to know why message me over discord!
  4. Hello @Lunabella thank you for submitting this application! However, at this time we are going to have to deny this application for not meeting a few requirements. Feel free to message me over discord if you are wondering why! You may re-apply on 7/12/19!
  5. @YoRHa Could you make your games public so we can see how many hours you have in the game?
  6. @chicken While we do appreciate your input on the staff applications, the +/- rep is for our staff members to see how the applicant is in the staff members eyes!
  7. This is the wrong section, post this under the "Ban Appeals" section using the format! Thank you
  8. Peek Perp-Announcements in the Hydra Gaming discord.
  9. Okay then with that, I will deny this application at this time, if you would like to reapply you may reapply on 6/23/19.
  10. All of your answers are one liners, when we are looking through applications we expect there to be more to them. For example when it asks you to describe SCP:SL we expect you to describe the classes or what happens during the game. Also, your steamID is incorrect, we are looking for the 76561198 number that can be found here - https://steamidfinder.com/
  11. Hello @PatrioticHoopoe your application is quite bare bones at the moment. You have 3 days to add on to your application or it will be denied. To edit your application you can use the edit feature which is located under your application and to the left. Thank you in advance!
  12. Thank you for submitting this application, but at this time I am going to deny it. You may reapply on 6/23/19.
  13. Thank you for submitting this application, but that this time I'm going to deny it. You may reapply on 6/18/19.
  14. After reviewing your application and interview I have decided to accept your application! Message me for a time you can be trained!
  15. And before Doctor Strange just pops everyone back into existence
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