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  1. Hello again @Fluffy_Nerd4262, after reviewing your interview I have decided to accept your application. Welcome to the team!
  2. Hi @Fluffy_Nerd4262, after reviewing your application I have decided to invite you to an interview! Contact me on discord and we can set up a time.
  3. Hi @Lamp, at this time I'm going to deny your application due to the fact that you failed to meet the requirements listed above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me over discord. You may reapply on 10/28/19.
  4. Hi @Lamp, thanks for the application! As of right now it seems that you don’t meet a few of the requirements, those being: 1. Your steam profile is private 2. You have not reached level 5 on the mee6 bot in the discord 3. You seemed to have missed some questions from the application format You have until Sunday (10/13/2019) to make the following changes to your application before it is reviewed. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on discord.
  5. What's important to see here is that the initial suggestion of it was to allow guards to still spawn in chaos rounds, rather than make life more difficult for the guards. The chaos would be pulled from the regular d-class spawn and set as chaos on the surface. This not only makes it tougher for the chaos since they can normally walk into the facility and not have to worry about anything but the SCPs, who they regularly team with. With the guards in play, it makes the round more interesting, as it is assumed that the chaos will team with SCPs and make easy work of the Scientists. This way, chaos don't just walk into the facility for free. The chaos spawning on the surface is also ideal, as in the case of a small entrance zone, Guards can be out of there and into heavy before the chaos even open gate A. Likewise, if the Entrance zone is fairly large, both parties may have a difficult time not only finding their way around, but also running into each other before dispersing among heavy and light containment. It's also a good game changer every now and then for the d-class running through heavy containment. There could be a scientist and guard who run into a d-class and chaos. I think it would spice things up more, as when you are a d-class, all you can do is fend for yourself whenever you run into a guard, or hope that they disarm you. With both chaos and guards roaming heavy, you have the chance of running into someone who can actually protect you as a d-class versus gun you down. This is in the case that both parties make it to Heavy without killing each other. I see the problem that everyone is going at, and it is that the chaos will supposedly wipe out the guards. This is totally possible, but that chaos won't get out of the battle unscathed. They could lose a couple people, use up all their med kits, and use up plenty of ammo trying to get a Guard at range. If anything, its more of a balance things as the chaos spawns are currently uncontested by any party, as they can team with the SCPs with little to no issue in most cases. For me I don't see this as an issue for guards, I see it as a way of balancing out the chaos spawn rounds, still giving the guards a chance to kill or at least expend the chaos' resources.
  6. How would the SCPs know just to camp the entrance area? There is no alert for a chaos spawn so the SCPs would have no idea. At that point it is just a gamble for the SCPs. Will the guards kill the chaos and have extra ammo to kill the SCPs, or will Chaos wipe out the guards and help the SCPs? It adds a little more to the Chaos spawn rounds, makes it more interesting for everyone.
  7. I'd like to help Name: Curtis SteamID: 76561198284203872 Current Rank: SCL:SL Senior Moderator
  8. Sorry @Sirdog, I guess I dont know what its like to be bad at the game ;). I'd prefer any gun over the logicer aside from the project 90, as the overall accuracy allows for overall landing more shots. I will admit that close range, aim goes out the window and jumping all over the place comes into play, the logicer is a legendary weapon. However, if I do hear the stomp of chaos boots I distance myself as far as possible and prepare for a longer range gunfight which usually turns out in my favor, especially if I already made the trip to 049 or nuke room to grab an epsilon. My point is that any good guard should be able to take out at least 1 chaos if they know how to play the game, and use their medkit wisely. Also, I think I stated something poorly. As a guard, you can drop a chaos down a hallway pretty easily if they dont see you and you get the first shot in. This has usually been the case for me getting into any kind of gunfight. If they are running in a straight line towards you, you hardly have to track them, just aim for the head and correct the recoil. Its the accuracy of the rest of the guns that makes the logicer less powerful when in a long range fight. Forgot to mention I still love you Sirdog ❤️
  9. My biggest concern with this that laram mentioned is the fact that the chaos spawn with 300 rounds. It’s easy as a guard to drop a chaos from the end of a hallway with 2-3 headshots, Especially with the innacuracy of the logicer. The real problem will be that the guards all of the sudden have way more ammo than they should, and are able to shred the scps. Considering the rarity of the event I’m not sure if it would be game ruining or not.
  10. Maybe if they were only allowed to regenerate a certain amount of health in a certain amount of time? Some sort of cool down after they get some health could help deal with the camping issue for when mods aren’t on.
  11. I thought it might be a good idea for some of the SCP (if not all) to receive health if they stand still for long enough. We have all had those games where there is 2 people running around the facility and the NTF waves keep spawning, slowly draining the health of the SCPs. I think it would be handy to allow the SCP's to stand still and start slowly receiving health back. Easiest counter to this would be to just shoot them if you see an SCP standing still. Obviously they wouldn't rapidly regenerate health, but a slower regeneration would seem more logical. I'd rather hear suggestions on how long they should heal for rather than decide on my own, so please post your thoughts below. Also let me know if you think its a stupid idea or not. I think it would make the SCPs a little stronger in the longer lasting games, but not be super OP.
  12. +Rep It would be good to have CCW back on the team, although sometimes his villager sounds got rather annoying.
  13. I like this idea. Usually I refrain from teaming with the SCPs, as its more fun to run them around, however it would be nicer to have more of a challenge for both guards and chaos if they were to spawn in. In this case, there would be a war over who controls entrance zone rather than allowing either guards or chaos to roam around fearless of enemy presence. It could also help push the Guards who camp in entrance get into heavy to get more work done, like they are supposed to do. This would defiantly be a fun addition.
  14. Based on the two videos listed below, Our testing has concluded that 939 is not as quick as a human player, even while they have a weapon out. They are only faster when they are being shot at. This video while holding a weapon: https://streamable.com/cljrz And this video while not holding a weapon. https://streamable.com/jy46e Something else I would like to mention is that the ability to have increased spotting does not make the dog good; Surely it helps when you have a coordinated team of SCPs, but we all know how rare it is to have a stacked SCP team. Not only can the dog be easily thrown off by gaining ground and then slow walking to appear invisible, but he also requires 2 hits, which puts him on par with 049-2. The idea behind the lunge is also not to gain ground, but to give the player a chance to score a hit when within a close enough range, and the short period after a missed lunge would keep the dog slowed down to the point of actually losing ground compared to if they were just running at the player normally.
  15. +Rep Fluffles is a very nice guy, and I can see him becoming a good moderator.
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