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  1. As of August 8th, everyone who has applied has been accepted and added. Until we have a larger need for more beta testers, applications will now serve as a waitlist. If current testers have any issues regarding joining, the whitelist, or any bugs, you can contact either Bluenova or I.
  2. I'll look into a fix for this 😉
  3. Applications: Waitlist As most of you know, the Hydra DarkRP is being pulled back into development in an attempt to make the server more enjoyable for everyone. That being said, we're going to need active testers for our new content! Anyone that is currently a DarkRP staff member is already able to join the testing environment. That being said, the DarkRP staff team is quite small, so we are looking for other members to help test our fancy new content. Beta testers will get the earliest access to our new content, as well as some possible rewards when the server is released. Bugs/Glitches/Exploits MUST be reported, This testing phase enables quick discovery of bugs, and their fixing so users can enjoy seamless use of the product, without any hiccups. Anyone not actively participating in the testing of the server may be removed from beta access at anytime. Current Whitelist Blizzard Executive Director STEAM_0:1:70404419 The_Rekoning Director of Operations STEAM_0:0:38089337 Roflcopter Director of Infrastructure STEAM_0:0:19270150 Bluenova Director of Development STEAM_0:0:81970138 Sirdog DarkRP Administrator STEAM_0:0:47830396 Xenvious DarkRP Developer STEAM_0:0:93887795 Icecubegame DarkRP Junior Developer STEAM_0:0:40808914 The DucK DarkRP Moderator STEAM_0:0:63626758 RealDude DarkRP Moderator STEAM_0:0:51810887 Caspari DarkRP Trial Moderator STEAM_0:1:62301167 Capslock SCP:SL Administrator STEAM_0:0:24436337 Risk SCP:SL Moderator STEAM_0:1:222184334 Igni User STEAM_0:1:19826581 S4lkid User STEAM_0:1:51060626 AllHaleNo User STEAM_0:1:59417363 Anyone interested in being part of the testing team may reply to this post using the simple format below: Name: SteamID: Current Rank: If any problems arise with the whitelist system, message me via steam or discord
  4. Processor: i9 9900k overclocked to 5.0GHz Video Card: GTX 1070 Ti - 8GB Ram: DDR4-4000 Built it myself, CPU cooler is massive. 11 fans total. Meanwhile; @Sirdog's Computer
  5. 1. That's one of the few times you were told to stop discussing the matter. Here are the rest for all your other previous infractions as well. (In order to most current) 2. I provided the screenshot where I told you directly to drop the topic. Reviewing the logs, Blizzard did warn you to cease all drama/slandering him during another one of your tangents or you would be banned, which I would consider yet, another warning to keep drama out of the server.
  6. I like this, It does look photoshopped, but still a work of art. Not to be that guy, but uh, where's your left eyebrow?
  7. 1. 2. About a topic that was told to be dropped? No. They shouldn't even be asking about it. 3. Regardless of your intention, your action is what ended up happening. As for Blizzard warning you for slandering him, that didn't occur. Blizzard asked you, as did I, to take it to the forums and drop the situation in-game.
  8. That's simply not true. I explicitly stated to stop all discussion about it. Period.
  9. As I said, you were actively discussing the topic with numerous people up until the point I banned you. I believe I cut you off in the middle of saying "we can report it but it will be hard because it's blizzard". I was spectating you during the entire situation.
  10. Also, I'd like to add, You've been warned in the past COUNTLESS times to not argue with staff, drop controversial topics, etc, not only by me, but by other staff as well. There were 4 people around you in spawn actively participating in your shenanigans. I agree with Blizzard, It appeared to me that you were trying to stir the pot directly after you were told to cease discussion of the topic by both of us.
  11. I was spectating you for roughly 40 minutes. I saw switch to Gun Dealer, I then witnessed you proceed with purchasing the following: 1x MP5 1x UZI 1x Remington 870 1x P226 1x 1911 1x Deagle 1x K2-23 1x MAC11 1x MP5K 1x Raging Bull Plus the countless attachments Gun Dealer can sell. You then used your inventory to pocket these weapons and then switched to Black Market Dealer, purchasing the following: 1x FAMAS 1x G36c 1x M4A1 1x M14 1x M21 1x SG550 Plus all of the attachments BMD had to offer. I then witnessed you go into the back room of the J&M Glass Co. building and inventory those weapons. At this point, I stopped spectating you whilst I figure out what was a deserving punishment for self-supplying over $200,000 worth of weapons and attachments. You were warned in game as shown below: You were given ample time to respond, and with no response, I moved onto the 2nd stage of your punishment, the kick. As for the "testing", you could easily test this with 1 or 2 weapons, not 16. Unbeknownst to me, you had spawned bitminers, and started mining, whilst I was debating your punishment. I don't believe those should be refunded, as I wouldn't refund someone else's had they lost them due to the punishment of a broken rule. I was given permission to wipe your inventory, that was the reasoning for the second kick, as it stated.
  12. I've noticed that some people joining the DarkRP server, are getting the following error: While we are currently looking into the issue, we have found a temporary solution. To solve this issue, you must enable the x86-64 bit test build. Step 1: Right click Garry's Mod in your Game Library Step 2: Click Properties Step 3: Click the BETAS tab at the top of the window Step 4: Click the drop down menu Step 5: Select the "x86-64 - Texting 64-bit builds" option Your game will then start a small update, downloading all of the 64 bit Garry's Mod files. After this is complete, you are free to launch the game and join the server. If anyone has any questions or concerns, I can be reached on Discord (Xenvious#6212) or Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Xenviosu)
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