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  1. Hi SimonSimon, I have decided to move forward with your application, and will be DMing you shortly.
  2. Hello CCW, I have decided to move forward with your application, I will be DMing you shortly.
  3. Moved to SCP: Secret Laboratory -> Suggestions
  4. Hydra Hype Team Think you're hype enough? Want to represent the Hydra Gaming in the ultimate way by being part of an awesome team dedicated to hosting events and creating content in Hydra's name? Then apply to the Hydra Hype team now! We are looking for casters (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube), event hosts, and public outreachers (Reddit, Twitter, Discord)! If any of these sound like your kind of schtick, then continue reading below! Application Requirements: We have an age requirement of 17. Exceptions may be made, however, at the discretion of the Team Leader. You must have not been banned from any Hydra Gaming servers. You must not have any more than three warnings on Discord in the last three months. You must be able to read, write, and speak proficient English at a professional level. Before you're accepted, you will be asked to attend an interview. This is required if you wish to gain entry into the staff team. Effort is required! Any applications with one sentence on every answer will probably be denied. Mee6 level needed on our Discord server: 5+ (SteamID64s may be found at Hype Team Roles Casters Must have an active content channel on a streaming or video platform, such as: Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc. Must stream at least 8 hours weekly Channel has to fully abide by its TOS/TOC and guidelines, and must represent Hydra in a positive manner. Events Must be able to host at least one event weekly Must be professional and hold yourself at a high standard Be comfortable with managing and interacting with anywhere between 3-30 people per event. Outreach Must demonstrate a high level of English fluency in a professional manner. Be very socially adept and able to make announcements and posts to thousands or more people. Be a very well known person among the community, and able to represent Hydra in a positive manner. Format:
  5. Name of Event: The Forest Event Event Location/Server: Steam Lobby Event Date: August 11th, 3:00pm EST Event Host & Staff: smackhack - Host Event Description: Feeling brave today? Crashland into a spooky island with me and other survivors as we brave the elements against cannibals and the other hidden secrets that the Forest holds within... We'll see how far we can get with a full team and hopefully unlock the mystery behind all the missing passengers and create one of the best treehouses to ever inhabit this cannibal island! Event Rules: Non-PVP Cooperative Event - Friendly Fire will be enabled but this will mainly be a work-together-against-the-cannibals kind of event.
  6. Moved to SCP:SL Staff Applications - Denied
  7. Aside from ordering the occasional PSL or Caramel Macchiatos from sbux, what is your favorite coffee taste? How many creams n' sugars do you put in your coffee?
  8. +Rep Very professional and holds himself to a high standard, and is a respectable moderator
  9. could you peer review my homework, i have an essay to turn in to my professor in 24 hours
  11. you smell nice

  12. Hi RexiuZ, Unfortunately, I am going to have to deny your application for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, you do not fit the minimum age requirement, you also have three warnings within the last 12 hours, and among other things that I can discuss with you if you wish, feel free to DM me if you wish to receive this feedback.
  13. I have to say, Sourdough is always my go-to, but I have a soft spot for pumpernickel as well. edit : sourbread
  14. +Rep He is by far, one of the the most active members on the both the Discord and on the Hydra servers, literally humbly bragging about having 2000 hours on SCP:SL, with 1900 of those hours being on the Hydra Servers itself. He's found countless bugs, and reported many hackers and mis-behaving people, and he truly embodies the rules of both the Discord and the servers, and is probably one of the best players on the server as well gameplay and mechanic wise, even finding several exploit locations. He's truly dedicated to this community, and pretty much everybody will support him whether or not he's staff or not staff.
  15. Hi SCPeanut, We will require a bit more details regarding your appeal. Who exactly were you uploading the files to and to which server, as we can't justify unbanning you just from hearsay and we will require further investigation into this. Distribution of hacks is still against the terms and usage of SCP : Secret Laboratory and we will require proof that you were not uploading it for malicious purposes.