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  1. +rep this here is my dadson, and he will be a good mod 😆 Being real, awesome person to play with and doesn't break rules, so I believe he would be an excellent mod.
  2. You are going to need a Discord account and you are required to be in the Hydra Gaming Discord server my friend, and one requirement is You must be at least Mee6 level 5 on the Hydra Gaming Discord server. https://discord.gg/9R9umWM Here the the link to the Discord Server 😆
  3. ❤️ I know it won't mean anything but +rep, because this man deserves every single one he gets and more.
  4. Steam Name: Fordrinn SteamID64: 76561198147427933 Age: 17 Years and 3 months Discord Name: Fordrinn Country & Timezone: USA | EST Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): I know this game very well as I have 955 hours in it, and most of them are on Hydra Servers. There are six classes Class D (100hp) Scientist (100) NTF Cadet (100hp), Lieutenant (120hp), and Commander (150hp) Chaos Insurgency (120hp) Facility Guard (100hp) There are six main SCPs and one Secondary SCP-173 "Peanut" SCP 096 "Shyguy" SCP-106 "Larry" SCP- 939 "Doggo" SCP- 049 "Plague Doctor" SCP-049-2 "Zombie" SCP 079 "Computer" Class D have to escape the facility and cooperate with Chaos. Scientists also have to escape and cooperate with NTF. Chaos help Class D escape and kill all NTF and Scientists, and can work with or kill the SCP's. NTF help scientists escape and kill all SCP's, Chaos, and detain or kill Class D. Do you have any previous staff experience?: I was a Moderator for Hydra very recently, also I do run my own Discord Server which is a lot more professional now. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: I have directed youtube videos on my previous YouTube channel. What makes you better than other applicants?: I am still quite active in SCP as I have 32 hours in the past 2 weeks but It will increase as I have been getting back into it, also I am very active in the discord, second most active in text and and second most active for voice chat, and I still have a good reputation amongst most of the community. How will you help improve our community?: I would like to make SCP enjoyable for everyone again, I have noticed many times a lot of people using slurs, banned spots, people spawning as a spectator, and people mic spamming in spectator when there are no moderators on, and by the time a moderator gets on, the people have stopped or left, I would like to be able to help out with that again. How did you find our community?: The first server I played on was CA East, and I seen the ad for the Discord and I joined, and I've become one of the most active members as I am rank 5 for messages on the MEE6 Bot! Anything else?: I have made mistakes in the past outside of Hydra, but I feel like I have paid for them, and I feel like I did a decent job as a Moderator and think I can help out a lot again. 😆 I was also very active on the forums and roster by checking multiple times a day. If a staff has referred you to apply, please give us their name here: Many people have told me to re apply including Robbie Rotten, Curtis, DerpyTurtleMan, RisK, James Carl, but If I had to say the one that pushed me the most was Robbie Rotten.
  5. +rep awesome guy to play with and talk to, knows game well!
  6. +Rep One of my favorite people to play with and an awesome guy to talk to! Knows the game very well, definitely will be a good mod.
  7. +Rep Fun guy to play with, knows the game well
  8. Woah if you get accepted you will be the oldest staff member! But this guy is really good at the game, and a really cool guy, +rep He would be a good mod.
  9. +rep pretty fat, but Is a cool guy, very active on servers and discord as well ,doesn't talk much though. -_-
  10. +rep Good luck on your interview
  11. Fordrinn


    Also McDonalds
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