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  1. Steam Name: Helvane Discord Tag: Helvane#0414 SteamID (Either 32 or 64): steamID64: 76561197998138853 Age: 17 Years old. I turn 18 on August 29th (in two days from now) Country & Timezone: Massachusetts, US. (EST) What coding languages do you know? Please list them in order of most confident to least confident: Strong skill level: Java, Javascript, NodeJS, AngularJS, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, PHP, Ajax, XML, HTML, JSON. (I'm not sure if this is relevant but I also know MongoDB and MySQL databases.) Moderate skill level: C++, Perl, Swift, Typescript, Jquery, (even though Jquery is old and people don't really use it that much anymore) (I would actually consider my skills in these a little bit above moderate it's just that I don't use them that much) Low skill level: Python (I know that Python is pretty easy to learn it's just that I don't have the time to really learn it.) Are you familiar with using a Version Control platform such as GitHub or GitLab?: I've used GitHub but not GitLab. Are you familiar with the PHP Scripting Language?: Yes i've learned it about three years ago and I still have a lot of knowledge about it. For me personally it was pretty easy to learn PHP since I was already good and had a really good understanding to the languages similar to it. I know how to do PHP cookie, PHP XML, PHP Ajax, PHP Arrays, For Loops, While Loops, Functions, Variables, Constants, Operators, Interface, Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Exceptions (Throw and catch errors). Are you familiar the Invision forum software?: No, but I am willing to learn it. I have used other forum softwares before like PHPBB and I've learned extremely fast from it. Are you familiar with configuring and using a nginx web server?: Yes. I also know Apache web server if that means anything to you guys. Why are you interested in becoming a web developer?: I've learned a lot about web developing from my dad who is considered a senior web developer and has 20 years experience as a web developer/UI designer. I also took classes in high school on a couple of languages. I have about 4 years experience and i've learned so many cool languages over 4 years and MOST of the coding i've done are web based so I mainly specialize in web developing rather than video game developing, so I feel as if I would have a lot to offer as a forum developer. I practice my skills in coding as much as I can by making personal and cool stuff for me, i've even made a forum website out of scratch about three years ago for a gaming community I used to be apart of (but the community died out). I also know how to make apps on my phone using XCode. Anything Else?: I have nothing else to say, I just hope you guys can see the potential in me.
  2. User's application has been accepted by Smack already. Locking thread.
  3. Locking and moving this thread to the accepted section.
  4. Can you buy me a plane ticket to California??? Thanks. :classic_biggrin:

  5. Locking thread since Sirdog has answered his question.
  6. Hello @MeetTheHoovy if you would like to apply for SCP:SL moderator then please read this thread down below and fill out the format.
  7. Yes, that is a requirement. User's question has been answered, Locking thread.
  8. Hello @InterestingName if you would like to apply for SCP:SL moderator then please read this thread down below and fill out the format When you are filling out the format please post your application in the appropriate section which is highlighted in red in the image down below. ↓ ↓ ↓ Or you can click on this link. https://hydracommunity.net/index.php?/forum/47-staff-applications/
  9. User's question has been answered. Locking thread.
  10. Oooo Xenvious, it looks fancy!!! Sirdog's choice is rather interesting....... But I like old school things.
  11. While I won't be handling your application my suggestion is that you should try and write a brief description of each class so we know you have a good understanding of the game. Saying you're to lazy to write it makes your application look a little unpremeditated.
  12. So I'm interested in seeing what all your pc setups look like! So don't be shy and please, feel free to take a picture and show all of us!
  13. I cut it off I made my skin a little brighter than it usually is in photoshop so my eyes can pop out more and have more color.
  14. Oh yeah, I totally forgot that I learned about eyes in my anatomy class and how all the parts function. I should have made the eyes look a bit more natural Lol.