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    Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that our community's 2nd anniversary is approaching, fast! Our 2nd anniversary this year will be on a Thursday, December 12th. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for what we could do for events, giveaways, etc. please let us know! We are hoping to have a really big giveaway at the end of the week. Around approximately the beginning of November we will be posting a schedule with the list of events. - Blizzard
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    I thought it might be a good idea for some of the SCP (if not all) to receive health if they stand still for long enough. We have all had those games where there is 2 people running around the facility and the NTF waves keep spawning, slowly draining the health of the SCPs. I think it would be handy to allow the SCP's to stand still and start slowly receiving health back. Easiest counter to this would be to just shoot them if you see an SCP standing still. Obviously they wouldn't rapidly regenerate health, but a slower regeneration would seem more logical. I'd rather hear suggestions on how long they should heal for rather than decide on my own, so please post your thoughts below. Also let me know if you think its a stupid idea or not. I think it would make the SCPs a little stronger in the longer lasting games, but not be super OP.
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    Another thing I intended with my original idea was that it would still be a Chaos round, so they would have the advantage. The spawning of guards would mean that they would have more to deal with, ensuring it wouldn't immediately go to "Chaos run into SCPs, they team, and Chaos try to get all the d bois up while they're either hiding or running away.". If the guards manage to kill them, great. If the Chaos manage to wipe them, it goes to business as usual. But if both manage to get into heavy, it gives room for more interesting scenarios to play out like Curtis mentioned.
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    +Rep He is a great guy, was a good Mod, it would be nice to have him back on the mod team.
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    +Rep Despite CCW's own shortcoming's when he was a mod, he is a great guy to be around and I knew that I would have a good time whenever he came on.
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    +Rep CCW has always made others in the game feel at ease and to have fun, as he was always so fun to play with a joke around with. He was an exceptional mod before and I have no doubt he could be a great addition to the team once again. He has brought the community some much needed fun and good times no matter what. Much love for this man (full and no homo).
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    mfw rofl is a favorite director but not me
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    ❤️ I know it won't mean anything but +rep, because this man deserves every single one he gets and more.
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    Sorry @Sirdog, I guess I dont know what its like to be bad at the game ;). I'd prefer any gun over the logicer aside from the project 90, as the overall accuracy allows for overall landing more shots. I will admit that close range, aim goes out the window and jumping all over the place comes into play, the logicer is a legendary weapon. However, if I do hear the stomp of chaos boots I distance myself as far as possible and prepare for a longer range gunfight which usually turns out in my favor, especially if I already made the trip to 049 or nuke room to grab an epsilon. My point is that any good guard should be able to take out at least 1 chaos if they know how to play the game, and use their medkit wisely. Also, I think I stated something poorly. As a guard, you can drop a chaos down a hallway pretty easily if they dont see you and you get the first shot in. This has usually been the case for me getting into any kind of gunfight. If they are running in a straight line towards you, you hardly have to track them, just aim for the head and correct the recoil. Its the accuracy of the rest of the guns that makes the logicer less powerful when in a long range fight. Forgot to mention I still love you Sirdog ❤️
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    Uhh, that's implying that pinpoint accuracy is necessary with the Logicer despite the fact you can hold down left-click for like 30 seconds with non-stop bullets in very linear hallways. Blizzard just slaughtered an entire MTF squad by himself with a Logicer. 5 chaos can slaughter 5 guards, no contest. Especially considering when MTF or chaos spawn, they do so together, and so typically stay as a group until an SCP causes them all to scatter. Guards spawn separately and I've rarely seen enough cooperation for them all to meet up and then move as a group. So, the 5 chaos spawning basically makes them fodder unless they manage to avoid running into the group. While I think this is an interesting concept, the number of chaos would need to drop by 1 or 2 for me to feel this is balanced. Otherwise not only is the problem not addressed but it is instead exacerbated as now two teams, and not just one, are screwed over.
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    Hi, CCW. As of now I'm going to be denying your application for mod. If you have any questions you can DM me over discord, otherwise you're free to reapply 10/5/19.
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    +Rep It would be good to have CCW back on the team, although sometimes his villager sounds got rather annoying.
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    I disagree strongly with the assessment that 939 is the worst SCP and thus feel the lunge would make him overpowered. While 939 is easy to avoid if you know it's there, most of the time people just freely sprint throughout the facility - and 939 can see pretty far through the walls. Furthermore, once you know it's there and thus need to walk your speed becomes agonizingly slow. The presence of any threat will necessitate you to run and thus allow 939 to see you. Once you are being chased by it the odds of you outrunning it are slim to none as I'm pretty sure it's running speed is equivalent to a Class-D or what have you. Now, if you can close doors like a boss than you might escape but that applies to all of the SCP's with the possible exception of a below 500 HP 173. Sure, 939 sucks if it is the only SCP and people know it's there but none of the SCP's are optimal alone. I just had a game where one 939 single handedly destroyed a group of 5-6 Class-D's and MTF (they were detained). Then 079 helped him find all the people standing still in the room. Just my 2 cents. I still love you both! ❤️
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