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  2. Hello again @Fluffy_Nerd4262, after reviewing your interview I have decided to accept your application. Welcome to the team!
  3. Hi @Fluffy_Nerd4262, after reviewing your application I have decided to invite you to an interview! Contact me on discord and we can set up a time.
  4. +Support Really interesting guy to talk to and very cool and collected. Would be a great staff member ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. +rep I have minimal play time with Fluffy in game, but from what little I've seen he's pretty friendly, capable and level headed. Also common on the discord and engaging with other players which is a huge bonus. I think he'd make a great mod.
  6. +rep this here is my dadson, and he will be a good mod ๐Ÿ˜† Being real, awesome person to play with and doesn't break rules, so I believe he would be an excellent mod.
  7. +rep I agree with everything that has been said. In my opinion, Fluffy would make a great addition to the moderation team.
  8. I would be inclinded to agree with Derpy and give this a plus. Fluffy is, through all my experiences so far, an excellent member of this community, he is generally friendly and easy to get along with, and I think given the chance, we could mould him into an excellent staff member.
  9. +rep Always see Fluffy being a great part of the community and very active in helping staff with people breaking rules. Would love to see him as an addition!
  10. Steam Name: โคโˆฑluffy_๐”‘๐”ˆโ„œ๐”‡โค SteamID64: 76561198382891723 Age: 19 Discord Name: ๐Ÿ’œFluffy_Nerd๐Ÿ’œ#7066 Country & Timezone: Colorado Springs Mountain Time. Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): SCP plays as follows: D-boys/D-class: The objective for the D-class is to escape the facility, becoming Chaos and helping other D-class escape. Scientists: The objective for the Scientists is also to escape the Facility, becoming NTF and either disarming or preventing D-class form Escaping. Guards: The objective for the Guards is to assist the scientists in escaping, and either kill or detain escaping D-class. their goal is also kill the SCPs. NTF: The objective for NTF is the same the Guards. Chaos: The objective for Chaos is to help D-class escape and kill/detain Scientists. they are not allowed to team with NTF or Guards unless for killing an SCP. SCPs: The goal for the SCPs is to kill everyone in the facility, although they do no have to kill Chaos. Do you have any previous staff experience?: I was a Mod for TangoWorldWide for about 9 months and I was a Architect For Hypixel for 5 months so I have experience in the moderation field. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: I've worked in a environment with people so I know what its like to deal with High stress Situations and know how to calm people down. What makes you better than other applicants?: Due to my Experience I know how to control a crowd and I am easy to talk to wich makes me a good choice for Moderator. How will you help improve our community?: By enforcing rules and making the game more fun for everyone and hopefully making the comunity Grow. How did you find our community?: I was just playing some SCP and saw the server and I started to play on it and I enjoyed it and decided to stick around because the community/Staff were very Friendly and I also join the Discord because I saw the broadcast in the game. Anything else?: Thanks for being such a cool community and I would like to thank all the people who pushed me to apply for Mod. If a staff has referred you to apply, please give us their name here: The Corki, Curtis, DerpyTutleMan, laram Fox, EMP, RISK.
  11. Hi @Lamp, at this time I'm going to deny your application due to the fact that you failed to meet the requirements listed above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me over discord. You may reapply on 10/28/19.
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  13. ^As Fordrinn said, all mod applicants are required to be level 5 on the discord server, and especially to have a discord account as we use it to coordinate with the rest of the staff team. I'm going to deny your application at this point in time, you are welcome to reapply on 10/26/19 if you meet the requirements at that time.
  14. You are going to need a Discord account and you are required to be in the Hydra Gaming Discord server my friend, and one requirement is You must be at least Mee6 level 5 on the Hydra Gaming Discord server. https://discord.gg/9R9umWM Here the the link to the Discord Server ๐Ÿ˜†
  15. Steam Name: spoop master ursa SteamID64: 76561198260328889 Age: 12 (I know I'm a squeaker but I really try to help out) Discord Name: I don't have Discord ๐Ÿ˜ž Country & Timezone: United States of America, Eastern Standard Time Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): SCP:SL is a Multiplayer game where players are tasked with different roles. The game is played on servers with a system of rounds. The classes are: Class-D, Scientist, Facility Guard, Nine-Tailed-Fox, Chaos Insurgency, and SCP. Class-D spawn in Light Containment Zone. Scientists are spawned at either of the Heavy Containment Checkpointst. Facility Guards spawn in Entrance Zone. Nine-Tailed-Fox usually spawn late game outside Gate A. Chaos Insurgency usually spawn late game outside Gate B. SCPs spawn in their respective rooms. The keycards go from: Janitor, Scientist, Research Supervisor, Containment Engineer, Facility Guard, MTF Cadet, MTF Lieutenant, MTF Commander, Zone Manager, Facility Manager, and O5. The guns are different based on roles. Do you have any previous staff experience?: I do not have any past Staff Experience on Hydra Servers but I do have experience in Minecraft servers from when I was younger, and ROBLOX groups also when I was younger. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: Yes, I am a part of the Student Government in my school and I am in many clubs. I also help out with school drives. What makes you better than other applicants?: I am better than other applicants because even though I may be young, I am very determined to become Staff. I want to improve this community and I really hope I can help out in many ways. How will you help improve our community?: I will help improve our community by being very active and doing my job correctly. I want to help out newcomers and punish rulebreakers. I also want to make sure people have fun while playing this game. How did you find our community?: I found this community when I got my new Gaming PC and booted up SCP:SL. I hopped on the CA East server and quickly found many welcoming people and new friends. Anything else?: Nope!
  16. Hi, @fire sax. Due to the fact that you don't meet the minimum requirements of hours spent on the game or our minimum level of 5 on the mee6 discord bot I'm going to deny your application at this time. You are welcome to reapply on 10/26/19 if you meet these requirements at that time!
  17. Steam Name: fire sax SteamID64: 76561198280876933 Age: 15 Discord Name: R A H FOR THE EMPEROR Country & Timezone: United States, Eastern Standard Time Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): Yes, SCP:SL is a game where "SCP's" escape containment and based off the randomized role you are assigned you have a certain job to conduct. If assigned D Class then your goal is to cooperate with Chaos Insurgency and escape the facility. If assigned scientist your goal is to cooperate with MTF and Facility Guards in order to escape the facility. As a Facility Guard you must detain D Class and help Scientist escape, MTF serves the same role. Chaos attempts to help D Class and fight MTF. Finally as an "SCP" you must kill everyone and can team up with Chaos. Do you have any previous staff experience?: N/A Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: When it comes to IRL leadership experience in sports and group activities i tend to become a natural leader giving people direction and ensuring everyone is on the right track. What makes you better than other applicants?: I am different than other applicants due to the fact that I can ensure that rules are followed on the server as well as ensuring that all of the players have an enjoyable experience and continue to return to our server. How will you help improve our community?: I will ensure that people as I previously stated follow the rules and guidelines of the server but also have a good time and come back to the server because it will be better than all other options. How did you find our community?: Going through server i found this server and i enjoyed the people and atmosphere so i kept coming back. Anything else?: My Daddy (UwU) Corki will 100% recommend me for mod position.
  18. Hi @Lamp, thanks for the application! As of right now it seems that you donโ€™t meet a few of the requirements, those being: 1. Your steam profile is private 2. You have not reached level 5 on the mee6 bot in the discord 3. You seemed to have missed some questions from the application format You have until Sunday (10/13/2019) to make the following changes to your application before it is reviewed. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on discord.
  19. Steam Name: Lamp SteamID64: 76561198069912755 Age: 18 (Birthday is April 18th, 2000) Discord Name: Cameron#2529 (Lamp) Country & Time zone: USA, PST (Oregon) Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, Describe it! (Limit of 125 words): SCP:SL is a Horror type Genre of first person Shooter/Hack and slash, Where there are 6 different teams all spawned randomly and teamed randomly with others, the goal of the game is Typically to escape the Compound while keeping all of the Scientist safe. Do you have any previous Staff Experience?: Yes I have hosted my own server for multiple games, such as Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, ArmA 3, And I have been apart of the staff team on multiple RP servers for Numerous RP games. Do you have any IRL leadership Experience?: Yes, I have been the manager at a hotel aswell as, I always led project groups, or anytime my friends and I are in trouble, I usually take lead. What makes you better than other applicants?: Personally I have a lot of experience with moderating servers, as well as hosting and I do know that difference between abusive admins and helpful and friendly admins No staff members have referred me to this position.
  20. Hello @Buddhist-Riptin after reviewing your application I have decided to deny your application. If you would like to know why, please contact me on discord. You may reapply 10/22/19.
  21. Should be fixed. If there is an issue let me know. Sorry about the issue. In the event that you can't still view the hours see screen image below.
  22. Hey @Buddhist-Riptin if you can, please un-private your profile so we can view your hours ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. Steam Name: Your answer here. Buddhist-Riptin SteamID64: Your answer here. 76561198048719483 Age: Your answer here. 30 Discord Name: Your answer here. riptin#4614 Country & Timezone: Your answer here. USA, Eastern Are you familiar with SCP:SL? If so, describe it! (Limit of 125 words): Your answer here. Indeed, Scp is an escape game. Fractions are divided as follows: Prisioners(D-boys) with Chaos and possible S.C.P. support(creatures/monsters like Larry or Peanut). Another fraction/team is Scientists with Nine Tails. Last Team is SCP. Oneโ€™s role is completely random. Do your best to work along with your team and eliminate the opposing fractions before they take care of you. Do you have any previous staff experience?: Your answer here. Indeed, I have worked as staff on G-mod but in relation to actual Scp I have been staff on a server called Kurva. Do you have any IRL leadership experience?: Your answer here. Yes, I was a manager of a store and am quite good at making sure people abide to rules. What makes you better than other applicants?: Your answer here. I know the rules, I abide to the rules, I enforce the rules and if there is any conflict my nifty recordings of the rounds come in handy. How will you help improve our community?: Your answer here. I am friendly and help those that are in need of it. I also will do my part in eliminating problematic situations/players. How did you find our community?: Your answer here. Random Search Anything else?: Your answer here. Nope If a staff has referred you to apply, please give us their name here: Staff who referred you here. Roy Corvette
  24. Another thing I intended with my original idea was that it would still be a Chaos round, so they would have the advantage. The spawning of guards would mean that they would have more to deal with, ensuring it wouldn't immediately go to "Chaos run into SCPs, they team, and Chaos try to get all the d bois up while they're either hiding or running away.". If the guards manage to kill them, great. If the Chaos manage to wipe them, it goes to business as usual. But if both manage to get into heavy, it gives room for more interesting scenarios to play out like Curtis mentioned.
  25. What's important to see here is that the initial suggestion of it was to allow guards to still spawn in chaos rounds, rather than make life more difficult for the guards. The chaos would be pulled from the regular d-class spawn and set as chaos on the surface. This not only makes it tougher for the chaos since they can normally walk into the facility and not have to worry about anything but the SCPs, who they regularly team with. With the guards in play, it makes the round more interesting, as it is assumed that the chaos will team with SCPs and make easy work of the Scientists. This way, chaos don't just walk into the facility for free. The chaos spawning on the surface is also ideal, as in the case of a small entrance zone, Guards can be out of there and into heavy before the chaos even open gate A. Likewise, if the Entrance zone is fairly large, both parties may have a difficult time not only finding their way around, but also running into each other before dispersing among heavy and light containment. It's also a good game changer every now and then for the d-class running through heavy containment. There could be a scientist and guard who run into a d-class and chaos. I think it would spice things up more, as when you are a d-class, all you can do is fend for yourself whenever you run into a guard, or hope that they disarm you. With both chaos and guards roaming heavy, you have the chance of running into someone who can actually protect you as a d-class versus gun you down. This is in the case that both parties make it to Heavy without killing each other. I see the problem that everyone is going at, and it is that the chaos will supposedly wipe out the guards. This is totally possible, but that chaos won't get out of the battle unscathed. They could lose a couple people, use up all their med kits, and use up plenty of ammo trying to get a Guard at range. If anything, its more of a balance things as the chaos spawns are currently uncontested by any party, as they can team with the SCPs with little to no issue in most cases. For me I don't see this as an issue for guards, I see it as a way of balancing out the chaos spawn rounds, still giving the guards a chance to kill or at least expend the chaos' resources.
  26. I think there's a bit too much concern that the guards won't be able to hold off SCPs in addition to chaos. Keep in mind, in a normal chaos spawn round there are no guards. They just don't spawn at all. If chaos spawns put the chaos in light in addition to spawning guards then it helps it to balance out the game where the only people on the ntf side aren't scientists. My bigger concerns is that the chaos will simply gun down scientists in light (hopefully the new disarming rules will assist preventing this) or that the round will be shortened because all the class d will be able to simply rush an exit with chaos to let them out, rather than spending 5 minutes scrounging for cards to upgrade.
  27. How would the SCPs know just to camp the entrance area? There is no alert for a chaos spawn so the SCPs would have no idea. At that point it is just a gamble for the SCPs. Will the guards kill the chaos and have extra ammo to kill the SCPs, or will Chaos wipe out the guards and help the SCPs? It adds a little more to the Chaos spawn rounds, makes it more interesting for everyone.
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